The Bing buzz is everywhere. There are currently over 3200 articles on The question on everyone’s mind is how Google will respond? Matt Cutts has already voiced some opinions about Bing.

It may be too early to tell what will unfold. The question on minds of many is: will the public start to do more ‘binging’ as opposed to ‘googling’? The last time I checked Google had 63.7% of the US (SE) market share, followed by Yahoo! at 25% and Live at 8% (according to

Bing looks a lot like Live with some bells and whistles added. It does look like a more polished product but I can not help to notice the similarities especially with the annoying background images. One thing is for sure, any automated scripts that worked on Live no longer work on Bing!

It will take some time before the aftermath of Bing’s introduction is known. I just hope that Google does not start changing their SERPs just because Live (I mean Bing) did it. In any case, competition is something to be desired as we the web users will benefit the most.

Happy Binging!

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