I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has read SEO Warrior. Here are some of the comments I was able to find across the net as well as this site (click on the names to read full comments/reviews): 

“If you want one good solid reference that successfully presents and demonstrates how to get your website noticed, then I very highly recommend SEO Warrior.”
T. Michael Testi 

“Fabulous book, by far the best (if not the only) in the ‘quantitative market research on the web’ field; thanks for all the work you put into it.”

“Excellent Book for Webmasters, Which Teaches You Everything About SEO…I’d recommend this book to anyone who does web design themselves, and is interested in making their pages popular, but doesn’t really know anything about SEO. The book teaches you everything you’ll need to know, and takes you from nothing to everything in a few days.”
Randall Degges 


“…any business owner considering a SEO campaign should read this book to get an overview of the concepts…comprehensive guide to all aspects of getting your website noticed…”
D. Greenbaum

“…far better than whatever one could see on the market…”

“…you’ve done a great job on your book..”

“takes the reader into a world of  

perfection in teaching him/her to improve rankings…makes it possible to do it yourself instead of paying hundreds of dollars…
Frank Beckendorf




“…SEO Warrior does distinguish itself for its thoroughness and also its big-picture overview of the general SEO techniques…”
Jeremy Schultz 



…and more to come 


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