The purpose of the Perl script is to dimistify what it is that makes search engines tick. More importantly it helps you learn about your competitors for your specific (targeted) keywords. It takes the top ten (or one hundred) results from Google (and Bing) and performs an in-depth analysis. You get to see how keywords of your choice are found in (search engine) search results as well as in the actual (search result) page titles, page copy, domain name, URL, META Description, header tags, and much more.

The script can be modified in any way you like. The following short video demonstration shows how you can run the script within the XAMPP environment (which you can download at

For those that prefer written instructions, here is the step by step tutorial you need to run as described on page 80 of SEO Warrior. It is assumed that you have succeffully installed XAMPP on your PC (You can see the XAMPP tutorial at this link:

1> Start Apache by running: C:\xampp\apache_start.bat (if you wish to enable Page Rank queries)

2> Open the DOS Prompt window by doing Start|Run|cmd

3> Change your directory to: C:\xampp\htdocs\book\downloads\chapter-4\

4> Execute the setpath.bat batch file to ensure Perl will see all the required modules
       Note: you are now ready to run the Perl script

5a> If you wish to get a report on a specific keyword for the top 10 Google results execute the scripts as follows:
         perl 10 buy shoes
        Note: “buy shoes” is a sample keyword

5b> If you wish to get a report for the top 100 Google results execute the script as follows:
         perl 100 buy shoes

Note: Depending on your selection the report will be generated in a few minutes. Be patient.
You will know when the script is complete by seeing the following lines of output.

C:\xampp\htdocs\book\downloads\chapter-4>perl 10 buy shoes

..cleanup done
..getting SERPs the SERPs the real titles
..finished partial title comparisons
..finished keyword title comparisons
..finished title page copy comparisons
..finished domain name exact keyword analysis
..finished domain name partial keyword analysis
..finished description META analysis
..finished header tags analysis
..finished keyword proximity analysis
..finished outbound links analysis
..finished outbound link PR analysis
..finished average page size analysis
..finished optimum number of words analysis
..finished website size analysis

6a> To see the generated reports (for Google and Bing) browse to:

6b> Alternatively, you could open each report separately by browsing to:

For information regarding report metrics (what each statistic means) please reffer to Chapter 4 of SEO Warrior.


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