Some of you have had some issues in setting up your environments to run either Perl or PHP scripts. This tutorial will show you how you can do that easily by utilizing XAMPP. In just a few minutes you should be able to run everything by following the steps shown in this tutorial.

To start, here is a short video demonstation of how you can install XAMPP to view SEO Warrior book materials. Please note that I am using a vanilla Windows XP system in the video.

For those that do not wish to see the video follow the following steps:

1> Download SEO Warrior book materials at:

2> Unzip the package to c:\xampp
Note: Check this folder to make sure that you don’t get the “c:\xampp\xampp\” scenario
(if you cut the inner folder and paste it over the top folder at the roor level of drive C)

3) Run Apache by double clicking on: C:\xampp\apache_start.bat
(or by executing the batch file in Dos Prompt)

4) Browse to http://localhost:10000/
At this point you should see a screen looking just like the one below:

Note: If you do not see this screen, chances are your Apache is not running due to a port conflict (which could be caused by a program such as Skype). You can always manually get to the book scripts by going to C:\xampp\htdocs\book\downloads\

I hope this information and video was helpful and if you have any questions you can drop me a note.


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