Search engines are popular for finding the information you need on many things to include getting a job. Getting a job using a search engine focused on employment is quite common today and in some ways it almost replaces newspaper classifieds. It seems like a good idea but unfortunately there are those that post jobs on these sites that are not real or reachable at all. How do you get a job using job search engines and what should you look out for? Let’s look at a few pointers.

What are some of the more popular job search engines? Some of the names you will hear are,,,,, and even is what they call an aggregator site in that it pulls opportunity information from many sources.

Is the opportunity listed with a direct employer or through an agency? Job search engine websites are more beneficial when there are listings from many direct employers and not search firms. Companies use search firms to find talent for a variety of reasons however they pay for the service. If a company interviews a candidate from a search firm and a candidate who applied independently, more than likely the independent candidate will get the position because the employer will not pay the fees to the search firm.

Are the opportunities listed relatively current? Listings on the job search engine site that are aged or repeated over several months usually is an indication of something wrong. And their presence can make the whole process of getting employment even more frustrating because it’s more difficult to find the real opportunities with real employers.

How much privacy do you get with the employment search engine site? Some employment search engines don’t help you get work at all. They exploit the personal and professional data you give them and a short time later your e-mail inbox is loaded with spam that exploits the same information. You might get a lead from them occasionally but it is obvious your information was used unethically. Read the terms of service very carefully with any employment search engine and know how your private information is getting used.

Is the job search engine website free? Can you get to the opportunity listings without having to pay a fee or enroll? Paying to access an employment search engine website is the same as paying to find work—you should not do it. Also, you may just want to browse jobs and not leave any personal information or employment history (to prevent spam). So you should not be forced to enroll just to browse for work.

Do your part and report questionable postings to the webmaster of the job search engine. A favorite scam opportunity that you will see posted is the one where you can be hired by a business in an Eastern European country to collect payments from clients in North America and then send them the money after taking your commission. The problem is those payments you are receiving are from clients in on the scam and the checks are bad. You send the money and later the bank tells you the checks bounced. When you see an announcement like this, do your part and report it to the search engine.

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