Internal ranking factors are things you control directly (as part of your site) that can affect your rank. They can be further divided into on-page ranking factors (things you can do in a particular web page, such as providing appropriate keywords) and on-site ranking factors (things you can do to your web site as a whole).

How can one take into consideration hundreds of different ranking factors? The answer is quite simply: you can’t. The key is to narrow it down to about twenty of the most important known factors — the ones that have stood the test of time and have produced results consistently. Knowing what to optimize can make SEOs work easer. Instead of listening to internet hype, SEOs should rely on facts. All of the information is readily available – just waiting to be analyzed.

There are lots of myths, speculations, and theories in the SEO community and this makes it harder to focus on what’s really important. In order to quantify the importance of different factors we can write a Perl script to analyze and prove some of the theories.

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