Bing is Microsoft’s successor to Live Search and many predict that it will eventually grab a major share of this market. Entering basic search keywords into the Bing interface is pretty much like any other major search engine but it is the knowledge of the advanced search commands that allows you to tap the full benefit of Bing. These advanced search commands become extremely useful when you want to be very specific about what you are looking for and filter out irrelevant results. Also note that not all Live Search commands will work in Bing. Here are some of the more popular Bing commands for doing advanced searches.

Command Example(s) Explanation

seo warrior

First example returns results ending with “”.

Second example shows all results with URLs ending with “” for keyword “seo warrior”

intitle:<keyword> intitle:”seo warrior” Returns all results containing keyword “seo warrior” in the HTML <TITLE> tag.
inbody:<keyword> inbody:”seo warrior” Returns all results containing keyword “seo warrior” in the page copy.
ip:<nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn> ip: Returns results originating from domains or subdomains for the given IP address.
language:<ll> language:fr talents Returns results in French for keyword “talents”
location: new york location:br Returns results from Brazil for keyword “New York”

First example returns backlinks to and the second example returns backlinks to not originating from

First example returns all links from this blog. Second example returns all links that are of .net gTLD.
url:<domain> Returns the result if the given URL is found in Bing’s index.
filetype:<filetype> guitar lessons  filetype:pdf Returns results of the given file type (pdf) for specified keywords.

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