Organic SEO implies ethical SEO with natural website growth. But, make no mistake; there is nothing natural about organic SEO. It is the systematic approach tailored to attain better site SE rankings. These are the same goals of unethical SEO practices. The difference is that SEs look bad when unethical SEOs succeed. Without relevant results SEs would be useless.

The first step of any organic SEO is research. Understanding the business, the unique value proposition as well as its long term SEO goals are the foundations of the organic approach. Organic SEO is about building content-rich sites, researching keywords, taking no sneaky shortcuts along the way, building (intelligent) easily crawled navigation structures and the accumulation of ‘natural’ inbound links.

Organic SEO is about long term sustained growth. It does not seek instant benefits at the expense of the long term goals. These practices promote natural development of websites with focus on good content. If necessary, organic SEO can be augmented by Pay-Per-Click, PPC, campaigns. Often times, PPC is used as a test tool to forecast the results of SEO.

Organic SEO does not have any upfront costs. It does take time to implement and its effects do not happen over night (nor is it a one time thing). It can never stand still nor is it ever done. It is constantly refined and cultivated. Ideally, it begins before the site is ever created. Similarly, it ends after the site is decommissioned.

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