If search engines were just set up for searching, they would not be able to sustain themselves for long without any profit and income sources. Those bread and butter profit and income sources come from advertising. In order to make a venue desirable for advertisers, it must promise exposure to as many people as possible. So, how did Google get so many interested? It was through its AdSense program where anyone can join in on the profit sharing. So Google uses a combination of maximum exposure, access, and revenue sharing to generate profit and income for everyone as long as they comply with their terms of service. Let’s take a look at more aspects of using the Google search engine to generate profit and income:

The Google AdSense program is probably most used for profit and income. The program is very popular and easy to implement. What most do is build a website full of content on some specialty niche like getting out of debt, losing weight, and quitting smoking to name a few. They fill the website with articles on the niche topic. They apply for an AdSense account and when it gets approved, they place the HTML code provided by Google on their content pages to begin displaying the Google-generated ads. Then, the website owner draws in the traffic using other methods like posting articles with backlinks to the website in article directories, link exchanges, or signature blocks on forums. The hope is that visitors will come to the website, click on the Google ads and the website owner with the AdSense account will get a commission on those clicks.

Google AdSense is being exploited by many. Because of the availability of software to generate numerous content pages quickly, made-for-AdSense websites are popping up all over the place. When you visit a made-for-Adsense website, you will immediately see that it provides nothing really useful and is only intended to fool the search engine. Sometimes, the content on the site is even copied from other sites (forbidden by search engines).

Don’t create a website only for the purpose of Google AdSense profit and income. If the only thing you do is put up a web page with some poor content and it looks like it was only for AdSense, you could get banned from the program. Remember that the Google search engine has an image to keep and in many ways when you join their AdSense program, you are partnering and representing them. Any website you build should be one where you are offering something of value to the end user be it information, e-books, software, or other products.

Watch out for the many scam programs. Want to get your AdSense account banned by the search engine? Get involved in one of these “get rich with AdSense” scam programs. These scam methods not only generate profit and income unethically, they also clutter the internet with useless content pages and harm the overall image and credibility of the World Wide Web. Search engine profit and income scams typically take on the form of selling you an e-book of the secrets to search engine profitability. In actuality, how to make profit and income on search engines is no secret at all and there is plenty of free information on the internet plus Google explains the process.

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